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I managed to get the cup in, but now I can't get it out! It seems like the cup is stuck inside me


If you cannot remove your SckoonCup, the most important thing is to take your time and relax your vaginal muscles, as these are particularly sensitive to stress and will get tense, which makes removal harder.

First you need to get in the correct position that is comfortable for you. - Squatting makes the vaginal canal shorter, so this is an excellent position for removal.

- Equally good is sitting on the toilet with your legs apart, and your back upwards and straight

- Alternatively adopt another position that you find comfortable with your legs wide apart

If you cannot reach the cup

- A menstrual cup tends to move further into the vagina at night. In this case, you should not try to remove it right after waking up. Try waiting at least half an hour to allow it to settle.

- Try a sequence of small, downward pushes with your stomach and vaginal muscles. This should feel like you are opening your bowels, but concentrate on using the vaginal muscles only, at the front.

If you can feel the stem and the bottom of the cup, you should be able to break the seal by inserting your index finger into the vagina, parallel to the cup. Gently squeeze between your thumb and finger to release the seal. You may hear a noise, or simply feel the cup release itself. Pull the cup down, remembering to relax your vaginal muscles. It may help to angle the cup as you remove it, allowing more air into the vagina. When the cup is at the vagina opening, remember to press it together like when inserting it, to avoid pressure to the mucous membrane.

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